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The Universe

What is the Universe? Is it a place or a thing? Does it have a creator or designer? The universe is studied extensively for its mysteries and the elements observed thereof. It is comprised of a wealth of black matter, all the elements known and unknown, and everything that we can speak of or be totally unaware of.

Has it been explored to the point that it congers up associations of good or bad, evil or otherwise? If you think of the universe as a place, do you think of it as a location that harvests desirable or undesirable entities whereby you dismiss it as your next vacation spot? Can you derive connotations of cultural differences and similarities, or stereotypical imagery? Does it have borders or boundaries? Besides a place where UFOs may come from and a home for heavenly bodies, do you see it as a place that produces a source of negative and comparative thinking?  

 Did we, as a human race, come from this universe or any other, for that matter? It’s really difficult to say that we had not originated from a Universe at all. After all, we are here and where is “elsewhere“?  We came from somewhere and why not a universe?                                                                                 


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