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A very special thank you to every second of life that I have lived in this Universe and every being who I have ever met, or have not encountered, but were part of the conspiring dynamics of this Universe who have played a role in my life behind my awareness. All has been possible because of everything thing that I have just mentioned.

Now to name some names. I am very grateful to Esen Kaya who has helped me build this website and  finally get my ideas out into cyberspace. He has also added a great deal to my life beyond this venture. Thank you John, dear brother and  Kathleen for your support across the miles, I love you.

I'd like to thank my friends whether or not I have physically met them, who inspire me with their love and/or achievements. Their zest and enthusiasm for life and the passion they have for accomplishing that which they feel  they must, are streams of energy for me. Just knowing them and their greatness is so contributory to my life and soul and is a conveyer belt of continued creativity.

A special thanks to all my Internet Friends of 'Myspace' who  have supported me just for being me. Yes, I even thank those who might criticize my ideas. I huge thanks to Molly Gum for showing her support and enthusiasm by displaying my Universelings logo on her Myspace page.

In my gratitude, I mention some names of inspiring souls of great influence in my life or personal heroes for being examples of discipline, direction, determination, drive, contribution and peace.  Evan Caverninah, Yusuf Islam, Wayne Andersen, Paul McCartney, Ross Perot, Deepak Chopra, Bryan Appleton, Oprah, Mike McCue, James Kweicinski, Maurice Brown, and long time friends, Mike Bilello and Roslyn McGrath, to name a couple,  have helped make my life the right place to give birth to all my creations. Without all those I've mentioned  I wonder where I would be. Yes, there are more and some of them have lived before me in this life.

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