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Similarities vs. Differences

 Do we like differences or similarities? We as humans usually like to have commonality?  We actually seek it out. On the extreme level, evidence of this is, throughout history humans have been trying to impose beliefs or kill fellow humans who think and behave differently. If others are not or were not the same, we have tried to make them the same.

Similarities give us a place to identify and be reflected. We like to relate and feel visible in our dynamics with one another. Why? We somehow feel that itís a need. We donít want to feel isolated or alone. We are validated somehow when we meet or know someone who thinks and behaves in the same way. Thatís OK if that is our nature or innate feeling about the matter. Whoís to argue?  Yes, I know if we are any kind of spiritual being, we can find some differences irrelevant in the large scheme of things, however, we still seek out likenesses in our relationships 

Letís face it; we generally like to be around those who are like ourselves. We gravitate toward those who share likenesses such as common cultures, hobbies, professions and beliefs. Even those who share the same race, generally speaking, make us feel more at ĎhomeĎ. There is a saying, ďLike attracts like.Ē We witness this when we meet a new friend that plays the same sport, enjoys the same art or gets the same pleasure in cooking as we might. Our commonalities join us together in everyday life.  

There are cities around the country that thrive in likeness. They have their own communities and shopping areas that center around a culture such as Chinatown in New York City. In the same city, Harlem is a cultural community for the African-Americas, 'Little Italy' is Italian based. These are example of like-cultures maintaining the comfort zone of their likenesses where they speak a common language, eat similar foods, and share similar experiences from weddings to entertainment.

As individuals, we find commonalities beyond our country of origin and cultural experience when we seek relationships. We look for common interests.

Whenever we meet a stranger on a job or in a store, many times, where we come from is one of the commonalities that get us to feel at ease with one another. We establish a rapport and drop barriers. For this reason establishing a common origin can help us see our connectedness more clearly.


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