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What would happen if we eventually all used one common word to identify the whole human race as one? Now, if we saw everyone as related to ourselves it would be that much harder to see the other as foreign, or to stereotype them. We would find a common ground and view others as Universelings just like ourselves and perhaps get closer to a more unified society as a human race. A perception would be created  that would ultimately have to change the way we relate. Words make perceptions and perceptions create a world.

So what do you call yourself, besides your name?  What’s your nationality, your race? For example, are you Caucasian, Black, Asian or Latino, Italian, German, Jewish, Turkish, American, African, Iranian?  You are  from where? Aren’t you from the Universe? What if you stopped saying those commonly misused places of origin and started using your real place of origin, like the Universe.

 When the world news reports a disaster or casualties of war they generally differentiate between which group’s lives where lost. Those who see themselves as Universelings will feel a deeper connection to their fellow humans instead of being only concerned about…the loss of life from their own country. It's a horrible thing to hear some one say something callous like. “Oh, thank goodness they weren’t Americans” I firmly believe that if we referred to each other with the same 'Label', we would, as political and religious oriented folk begin to see ourselves as truly connected and question why we killing each other anyway.

I realize the world is changing and there are more and more who have realized our connectedness, but there is still much chaos and struggling with hate, fear and separatism.

I propose a simple change in our labeling to add an element of the realization of oneness to help with world peace. Please join in by using, in any situation possible, a new label such as Universeling. I have not founded us as a race; I have only come up with a name we can use instead of the usual separating inducing terminology we used for so long. It’s time for a change and time to shed connotations associated with our titles and make those invisible borders only things that politicians speak of.  (continued)

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