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Our Origin

When you think of a universe, does it sound like it can be considered a place of your own origin in anyway? We might go so far as to say that we have not only originated from a universe, but we came from a universe before we can say that we came from any other place, such as your own home town. We had to originate from somewhere and so did our relatives long before this generation.

Did we evolve or were we created?  Even if you believe in Adam and Eve as the first humans on Earth, or anyone who braved a planet full of ferocious animals, you can entertain the idea that God’s little sinners or ape-evolved cavemen were products of some universe or universal designer and originated in a universe somewhere. And that goes for all living creatures, of course.

Creation or Evolution does not dismiss a place of origin. In fact, how we arrived is not an issue here, but where is more of a concern because ‘where’ holds the key to a common label and, perhaps, peace in this world right now. (Yes, I know we even fight over how we came to be.)  Why ‘where‘? Because ‘where plays a big role in how we relate and think of each other on this planet. How we got here can be debated, (from ape or Adam) but where we came from can’t really be argued, (I don’t think).  I believe it is safe to assume that a LARGE majority can agree that we as a race of humans have originated in a universe, if not this universe.   After all we are here aren’t we? And if any of you reading this can remember a time when you were not in this universe, please give me a call.


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