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World Peace in a Label

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Regardless of any spiritual or political beliefs, pigmentation or sexual orientation you have, you are related to all others. You share a common origin with all other humans despite the country you are from. In fact, you are one of the Universelings.

Words make our perceptions, perceptions create the world. Changing labels can change the world. What you call yourself and others can bring all of us closer to a more unified society as a Human Race. A simple modification in the way we refer to  ourselves and others can alter our awareness. If you refer to yourself as a Universeling and others as well, you tear down separateness and avoid stereotyping.

We have created invisible lines on our earth's surface dividing us as people as well as a consciousness of difference. 'Universeling Consciousness' attempts to erase imaginary borders, boundaries and stereotyping for the sake of harmony and peace among all beings. It also attempts to bring the concept of oneness to the forefront of every mind. Many of us already understand the concept of being one with the other, but the idea is to use a label that will be all inclusive so that we understand it in every corner of the Globe and Universe

Why not use Earthling as a common label?

What about the term Human Being?

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