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Fun in Difference

Traditions and cultures are fun and changing a label is not meant to decrease the joy that people of Universeling Consciousness experience.  Growing up in a particular culture carries with it charm, excitement and a means of anchoring ones self. Itís delightful to bask in the pride and enjoyment of oneís own customs and special foods and drinks. Partaking in holiday traditions and learning about others can be a real treat as well and helps to unify us in ways. It creates atmospheres of love and comradery while making life a very interesting place to be. Celebrating differences can be a wonderful thing.   We should appreciate others cultures and traditions, after all everyone has them and itís just another commonality that we share.

If differences are fun and interesting, why change labels? Those who consider cultural differences interesting and fun and accept people for who they are already have Universeling Consciousness. We all need to engage in the spread of it, however, and one way to do it is to use new labeling regardless of levels of awareness. There are those out there who still need to learn to accept, and become more aware for the sake of world harmony. Those already with Universeling Consciousness only need to lead and set a tone for the globe. By using a label to refer to the self and others that is all inclusive such as the word UNIVERSELING instead of an ethnically charged word, i.e. a nationality, a race, etc., we actually bring to the forefront of our minds, and the minds of others, the concept of oneness and the give no fuel to the stereotypical dispositions.


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