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Borders and Boundaries

So let us assume for now that we share the same place of origin, or birthplace, some common universe.  Here we all are, making a home on a planet called Earth (in English). Oh, yes we could say we all came from Earth, but what about our extraterrestrial neighbors, do we want to exclude them. Have a heart! We decided somewhere along the way to make a home on this cozy planet where it sustains our needs for nourishment and allows us other abilities to create that which we have. Some of these creations that we decided to produce where borders and boundaries to divide our communities, politics, and cultures on small and large scales.

We have quite a collection of boundaries and borders even though they are quite imaginary and certainly man-made. Our whole world is covered with an endless supply, and somehow differences of opinion and cultures go with the territory.  This tiny little Earth, comparatively speaking of course, probably has more borders on it than the entire universe. Some decision makers out there seem to have delighted in separation and believe they can control what people do and think as a result of borders.  Now, that we have contained ourselves on maps and have given the spaces between the lines, names, and labeled ourselves accordingly, weve been using territory, religion, cultures, skin colors, and opinions to kill or control each other. Sometimes groups attempt to annihilate whole races, religions and cultures. 

We drew some imaginary lines on the Earth and cultures, territories, and religious beliefs all play a role in dividing the humane race and create reasons for conflict.  Where we come from seems to have a role in this havoc.

Can we get rid of the invisible borders? It is not likely to happen anytime soon; its too complicated. We can, however, get rid of imaginary boundaries in our minds. 


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