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The Birth of the Word, Universelings

and its Purpose

The word Universeling originated when a motif of two non-descript entities emerged in a series of monotypes in 1991 in a printmaking class back in the days of attending the State University of New York at New Paltz. The subjects or beings were pure and had no ethnicity, sex, religion, and appeared like they could have come form only a Universe. They were all titled the Universelings with a number. That was the beginning of many years thinking about the idea of everyone being referred to as Universelings for the sake of peace, harmony and to avoid the possibility of prejudice and stereotyping.  I even went so far as to call myself a Universeling when anyone asked me about my roots. It sounded sarcastic at times, but it wasnít meant to be. It was the action of truly believing in that this is the way itís supposed to be. Iíve worked out other imagery for logos for T-shirts to promote this idea and even bought a domain name in 1999 for the purpose of spreading the word and concept of a common label. Always in the back of my mind, and sometimes in the front of it, was the ever presence of the Universelings concept tugging at me. I urged myself time and time again to finally get the word out and start a peace project that would at least add a little to the cause of uniting society and encourage a consciousness of oneness.

Finally after being haunted for many years about this goal, Iím asking all of you to join in on referring to yourself and others as Universelings instead of the usual labels we now use. Setting a tone for those who are still in separatist thinking, i.e., those prejudice, who stereotype, or who are not accepting of others sexual orientation, religion, etc. can be done by all of us Universelings.

By no means is this project designed to replace anyone's personal religious beliefs. It is only a small, but powerful way to bring us all to a level of consciousness about our true connectedness and oneness. It is meant to give those who stereotype and judge some insight into what it is that they are really not seeing about their fellow being.

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